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What is Purpass?

Hi! Purpass was created to offer inspiration, support, guidance, and recources to people going through difficult times and those who have endured difficult experiences and want to share your struggles.

In a world full of judgement and criticism, I wanted to create a community of caring people to lift up and help each other through trying times. Whether it be you are looking for support and encouragement through depression, feeling stuck or at a crossroad in life or you wanting to share life experiences and struggles with ideas and resources that helped you get through the dark times. Everyone is welcome.

While dealing with my own struggles I needed to try and navigate my way to a life of inspiration, living each day with purpose, and doing things that I am passionate about. This how Purpass was born.

Although originally I wanted to be able to use my own struggles to help others through theirs and offer inspiration, I realized that I can only do that by facing my own life and the dark cloud that resides over it right now. (you can read more about me HERE)

Even though I can’t offer everything I wanted or in the way I wanted, I knew there was no reason to not start the blog and site anyway. I think it important for people willing, to share their stories and experiences in life. Since life didn’t necessarily come with an instruction manual, I feel our best bet is to learn and navigate life from each other.

So if you are looking for a place that you can be who you are, without judgement while finding support and encouragement please stick around. What I hope you will find is a community of people who relate to each other, and inspire each other.

Welcome to Purpass~ A place for Inspiring A Purposely Passionate Life

Talk Soon.


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